Below, you can find of examples of cases and situations that our office has worked on. These examples are for illustrative purposes only. The examples here all involve successful outcomes and include many seven figure claims and outcomes. We have assisted clients with cases throughout the Pacific Northwest, including cases originating in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.


Jury Trial Victory

Our client was rear-ended in a motor vehicle collision, in Moses Lake, Grant County, Washington. The insurance company refused to offer fair value, claiming that our client could not have been injured in what it called a minor collision. The jury disagreed with the defense, finding A) that our client was injured and B) that he was entitled to substantially more than the insurance carrier had offered prior to trial.

Vehicle-Pedestrian Collision

Heading to a doctor's appointment in Yakima, Yakima County, Washington, our client was hit by a vehicle that was backing up in a parking lot, resulting in serious injuries to her. The insurance company initially blamed her advanced age for her problems, before eventually tendering its full insurance policy limits. Additional successful claims were made under our client's underinsured motorist coverage, resulting in a very happy client.

Highway 395 Crash

Traveling north from the Tri-Cities, Franklin County, Washington, our client was t-boned on the freeway by a company vehicle that spaced a stop-sign. Our client had many pre-existing conditions and the insurance carrier blamed those pre-existing conditions for the challenges in her life, until a lawsuit forced the carrier to better appreciate its exposure and its insured's exposure to our client. The client was ultimately awarded a very satisfactory amount, at mediation.


Birth Injury to Child

Failure of healthcare workers resulted in serious and permanent injury to a newborn child. The injuries left the child unable to ever provide for itself and in need of life-long treatment and care. Forensic analysis revealed breaches in the standard of care by the mother's healthcare providers likely contributed to this unfortunate outcome.

Semi-Truck Crash

Semi-truck based out of Illinois caused a collision at an intersection with a Warden man. Hip surgery followed. Demand with Federal suit resulted in substantial settlement for our client.

Trip & Fall / Construction Injury

Client's home sustained flooding damage. Cleaning crew opened up a hole in the floor and covered with cardboard. Client fell through and was seriously injured. Hotly contested liability and causation of injury and damages. A lawsuit was filed and the case resolved just before trial.

Motor Vehicle Collision & L&I Case

Assumed representation from another law firm that had dropped the ball and erroneously allowed client's workers compensation case to close. The third party claim arrived with $ 6,000.00 in allowed medical expenses, a closed worker compensation claim and was largely dead in the water. Causation of also damages was disputed. Our office secured necessary forensic experts to establish the nature and extent of the client's injuries and obtained policy limit settlements from the liability carrier and the underinsured motorist carrier. Client's workers compensation claim was also reopened and necessary treatment continues to be made available.

Jury Trial Victory

Injured over a decade ago, our client sought unsuccessfully to reopen his worker compensation claim on his own for years. After a loss before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals, our office was asked to present his case to a jury in Grant County Superior Court. The State presented testimony from its doctors and claimed that the Board had been correct and our client was not entitled to reopen his claim. After less than two hours of deliberation, the jury rendered a verdict in favor of our client, entitling him to treatment and wage replacement benefits that previously had been denied.


Semi-Truck Accident

Our client was injured while awaiting a left turn at an intersection in his semi-truck, when another semi-truck crashed into him. The driver of the other semi-truck and his insurance company initially denied liability, claiming to be avoiding another vehicle that had been driving unsafely. Our office was able to prove that the driver of the other semi-truck had been driving too fast for conditions and following the other vehicle far too closely. Substantial settlement obtained at mediation.

Motor Vehicle Collision With Loose Cattle

Our client was severely injured when cattle escaped from a commercial feedlot and one of them found its way into the road, in Eastern Washington. Liability was denied and hotly contested. Through litigation and the discovery process, our office was able to obtain an excellent result for our client at mediation, following litigation in federal court.


Motor Vehicle- Pedestrian Accident

Our client was backed into by a vehicle in a Wal-Mart parking lot. He suffered serious injuries, when he was knocked to the ground, by the moving vehicle, including a snapped femur and other injuries. A significant recovery was obtained prior to a lawsuit being filed.

Elevator Injury Case

Client was injured when an elevator door landed on the client's head. This case was ultimately resolved after filing of a lawsuit and extensive litigation across the country.

Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals Victory

An injured worker sought relief from his employer after years as a sheet metal worker had caused significant deterioration to his hands and forearms. The employer's insurance company hired attorneys and numerous doctors to contest the injured workers' claims. After extensive litigation, including challenges by the insurance carrier to the Board's jurisdiction to hear the case, the client was able to receive workers compensation benefits.

Wrongful Termination of Employment- Failure to Accommodate

Our client was wrongfully terminated by his employer, under suspicious circumstances, after a family member's medical issues came to the employer's attention. Our client needed time to attend to the medical issues and began experiencing harassment and ultimately was fired by his employer.

Medical Negligence

Our client was the victim of professional negligence by a physician, who opted for a surgery that numerous experts said was ill-advised. Although the medical facility and physician denied negligence and hired many doctors in an effort to prove as much, the case ultimately resolved at mediation for a substantial amount of compensation.

Motor Vehicle Collision-Failure to Provide Pilot Vehicle

Our client was seriously injured when she ran into a trailer which was improperly lit, improperly flagged, and did not have the requisite pilot vehicle.

Forklift Collisoin with Pedestrian

Our client was hit by a forklift while working as a contractor at a local warehouse.


Motor Vehicle Collision

Clients was injured when a vehicle ahead of them made an unsafe and illegal u-turn. Defendants hotly contested injuries related to case, due to extensive pre-existing conditions. Case settled after a lawsuit at mediation.

Motor Vehicle Collision

Client was injured when a vehicle headed in the opposite direction made an unsafe pass. After resolving the case with the wrongdoer's insurance carrier for policy limits, Client's UIM carrier refused to make reasonable offers. The UIM case ultimately resolved at mediation for over 20 times that orignal offer.

Wrongful Termination- Sleep Apnea Condition & Union Activities

Our client was wrongfully terminated by his employer, when his employer claimed that it could no longer accommodate a medical condition that he had suffered from for many years. We were also able to prove that our client was retaliated against for having participated in union activities.

Motor Vehicle Collision

Our client was injured when an oncoming vehicle executed an illegal left turn, on the highway ahead of him.


Motor Vehicle Collision- Highway

Our client was rear-ended at relatively low speeds, but suffered severe injuries, when it was discovered his brain was not draining correctly. Our firm secured the services of noted biomechanical engineer, and was able to show with a video simulation that the negligible impact, still caused a severe whiplash effect for our client.

Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals Victory

A Richland man had his benefits terminated in 2014. After two years of hotly contested litigation, in which the Department of Labor & Industries claimed our client's injuries were not due to his on the job injury, but instead a neurological condition, McPartland Law Offices prevailed. Our client was placed on the pension roles.

Motor Vehicle Collision- Highway

Our client was injured when another driver ran a stop sign, causing a bad crash on Highway 395, near Pasco, Washington. Our firm took this matter over from another 'big advertising' firm in the area, after our client became frustrated when she was told she might get $ 25,000.00 total, based on the injuries she had. We overcame many arguments about pre-existing and unrelated conditions, in order to beat the previous attorney's assessment by many times.

Motor Vehicle Collision-Highway

Our client was injured when another driver ran a stop sign, causing a bad crash on Highway 28, near Quincy, Washington. Our client received information from another lawyer, causing him to overlook the fact that, as a traveling salesman, he was on the job and entitled to workers compensation benefits. Our firm promptly overcame rejection of a workers compensation claim and ultimately obtained both a significant third party settlement and permanent partial disability awards.


Golf Cart Collision- Idaho

Our client was on vacation with his family, when a resort employee crashed a golf cart into his leg. Our client's leg was badly broken in the impact, and he and his family were at a loss for how to manage the predicament in which they found themselves.

This settlement represented recovery for our client's medical bills, future medical care, and all that he and his family went through, in experiencing this ordeal. In addition, an agreement was secured with his insurance company resulted in him having no out of pocket expenses for medical care in the future.

Wrongful Termination - Workers Compensation Retaliation

Our client was terminated shortly after filing his workers compensation claim. Although liability was initially denied and hotly contested, our office stuck with the claim and ultimately resolved for significant compensation.


Motor Vehicle Collision with a Pedestrian

Our client was injured when a truck driver failed to inspect the back of his truck and pulled away, pinching our client in between a mobile loading dock and a trailer.

Slip & Fall Injury on Commercial Property

Our client slipped and fell on ice in a parking lot. We were able to show that the ice should have been anticipated by property management and their grounds crew, and that had they worked to eliminate this hazard our client would not have been injured.

Wrongful Termination- Workers Compensation Retaliation & Disability Discrimination

We successfully recovered compensation for an injured worker who was terminated from his place of employment, shortly after filing a workers compensation claim.

Product Liability

We obtained a significant settlement on behalf of a client who was injured when a heavy garbage can lid fell on the client's head.


Wrongful Termination-Workers Comp Retaliation & Disability Discrimination

A member of a local law enforcement agency was wrongfully terminated in violation of the law. A thorough investigation revealed that since being injured, the officer's supervisors had been gunning for her, looking for any avenue to remove her from duty. After they fired her, they attempted to blackball her, and make it difficult for her to find new employment. This case was passed on by multiple law firms, who sought large retainers from the client, who had very little in the way of resources.

Motor Vehicle Collision

A young man was seriously injured when a car he was a passenger in attempted a dangerous pass, in Douglas County. Unfortunately, the vehicle in which he was traveling carried minimal insurance, and the family was concerned about their ability to pay the extensive medical bills that the young man was incurring.

Our office not only secured waivers of all outstanding medical bills from the various providers, but also located an additional insurance policy, which was previously unknown to all the folks involved in the collision. Although the insurance company initially denied coverage, we were able to persuade them otherwise.


Motor Vehicle Collision-Police Liability

In a rural town in central Washington, an overzealous police officer was attempting to join the pursuit of a fleeing suspect, when he failed to clear an intersection, ran a stop sign and crashed into our client. Our client, the wife of a local pastor, was injured in the collision. Unfortunately, liability was denied by the city. This case was declined by several attorneys, before we agreed to help this very nice family.


Product Liability - Defective Farm Implement

A man was seriously injured when a potato piler under which he had been working fell on his back. The piler had been constructed with a bad combination of hydraulic gear 11-12 years previously. The company that constructed the piler had gone out of business. This was a very challenging, but rewarding, case, helping a man who by all accounts was an exemplary worker, family man and citizen.

Premises Liability Case - Burn Injury

A man was injured in a boiler room, when another worker removed a pump. The removal of the pump created a hole filled with extremely hot water. The hole could not be seen because the water had spread across the floor.

My client was attempting to install a door and was walking toward the wall when he stepped into the hole. The water removed a significant portion of his lower leg's skin and the burns required treatment at Harborview's burn treatment center in Seattle. Liability was denied by the insurance company, before filing this lawsuit.

Negligent Delivery Claim

Our client was a painter who was injured in Okanogan County, when a truck driver dumped a pallet of paint cans onto him. The weight of the pallet of paint seriously injured our client's shoulder and required a surgery to repair it. Liability was denied by the driver's carrier before the lawsuit was filed.


Personal Injury Case

A worker was attempting to drain a large vat filled with boric acid. As he loosened the cover at the base of the vat, something went wrong, and the cover flew off. The liquid - which was very, very hot - shot out, covering and burning his arms, chest, and legs.

Medical Malpractice

A woman elected to have shoulder surgery in a hospital in north central Washington. The surgeon ordered an anti-inflammatory be injected into her. Unfortunately for this woman, the vials containing the anti-inflammatory and epinephrine were essentially identical and the nurse in charge of obtaining the tray did not check to see whether the hospital's pharmacy gave him the correct vials.

The woman was injected with the epinephrine, went into cardiac arrest and never regained consciousness, passing away several days later. Several offices passed on this case, before I got involved...mostly because the woman's father was such a nice man, and it seemed like the right thing to do.

Motor Vehicle Collision

Our client was injured when a vehicle crossed the median on I-182 in Pasco, Washington, and hit the side of his truck. The insurance carrier for the offending driver originally denied liability claiming another vehicle had cut their insured off, forcing him to take evasive action.

It was this alleged evasive action that caused their insured to cross 4 lanes of traffic and the median of the freeway. These allegations ultimately led to a pair of $ 25,000.00 settlements from both the negligent driver's insurance company and the underinsured motorist carrier for our client, due to the alleged "phantom vehicle."


Industrial Injury of Contractor- Montana

Client, a contracted worker, fell 40 feet into a pit at a paper mill. The pit, which was poorly marked, was also obscured by a giant roll of paper. Liability was hotly contested. We argued that the general contractor trained to employees regarding the pit, that it failed to give contracted workers the same training, and that the company failed to properly mark the pit area.

Motor Vehicle Collision

Defendant rear-ended our client after drinking excessively at two taverns. Unfortunately, the driver carried only minimal insurance policy. I worked to show liability of both taverns for over-service and eventually secured a successful recovery against the bars.

Motor Vehicle Collision

A young woman broke her arm in a single-car rollover on a gravel road above Pomeroy, Washington. The defendant driver, on a straight-a-way, lost control of his car when he attempted to scare his passengers by swerving.


Construction Site Injury

Office worker was walking down stairs at newly constructed facility. Grabbed handrail on stairs which immediately pulled free from wall, causing worker to fall and injure his back on the stairs. Defendants alleged that the rail was properly installed, despite its having come out of the wall so readily.

Motor Vehicle Collision

A young woman was seriously injured when the driver of her vehicle ran a stop sign and crashed into a telephone pole. Allstate Insurance Company, on behalf of the driver, denied liability for its insured failing to stop at the stop sign at a T- intersection. Defendant alleged that the stop-ahead lights were not working. We showed that not only were stop-ahead lights working, but that the defendant missed numerous indicators that an intersection was approaching.

Jet-Ski Crash

The defendant jet-ski driver crashed into dock, injuring passenger, who had a long-standing, pre-existing hydrocephalus condition that required shunting to relieve pressure on her brain. The driver alleged that the passenger was at fault.

Boating/ Water-Ski Crash

An adjacent boater towed a skier too close to our client's boat. The tow-rope crossed our client's boat, caught his arm and injured him.