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McPartland Law Offices has recovered millions of dollars. Your case could be another success story.

Our Case Results

Below, you can find of examples of cases and situations that our office has worked on. These examples are for illustrative purposes only. The examples here all involve successful outcomes and include many seven figure claims and outcomes. We have assisted clients with cases throughout the Pacific Northwest, including cases originating in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.
$ 2,025,000

Trucking Collision / Wrongful Death

A worker in Grant County, WA was killed while traveling to work. Initial reports were that the man had been driving without his lights on. McPartland Law Offices was able to utilize accident reconstructionists to show that this description was untrue, resulting in policy limits tenders from the involved insurance companies. Additional value of over $ 1,000,000.00 in addition to the policy limits tenders, when McPartland Law Offices prevailed before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals, showing the worker was a traveling worker, entitling his widow to lifelong income benefits.

$ 190,000


A woman in Chelan County, WA was injured in the parking lot when reporting back to work. The employer’s landlord had failed to take legally required and appropriate deicing and snow removal measures.


T-Bone Collision

A man in Grant County, WA was seriously injured traveling on a highway when an agricultural process truck pulled out ahead of him.


Rear-End Collision

A woman in Spokane County, WA was injured while traveling with her daughter to a prenatal appointment. Initial offers to the client before representation were under $ 10,000.00.


Workers’ Compensation Claim

McPartland Law Offices secured a substantial settlement from a self-insured company after an injured worker’s attending provider had sent her back to work.


Multi-Vehicle Collision

Case acquired from another injury law firm who had allowed the client to declare bankruptcy, eliminating her cases. McPartland Law Offices obtained policy limit settlements in two separate collisions.


Rear-End Collision

Client in Chelan County, WA received an initial offer from the insurance company of $ 3,000.00. McPartland Law Offices was able to secure multiple $ 100,000.00 policy limit tenders.


Trucking Collision

Case acquired from another injury law firm who recommended the client settle his case for $ 75,000.00, after misreading his medical records. McPartland Law Offices was able to show the insurance carrier that other law firm’s earlier demand had been based on erroneous information.

Trial Victory

Jury Trial Victory

An injured worker’s employer hired doctors and lawyers in an effort to avoid responsibility for her worker compensation claim. McPartland Law Offices litigated the case through the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals and Grant County Superior Court and ultimately prevailed before a jury to get her claim allowed and benefits made available to her.


T-Bone Collision

A woman in Grant County, WA was seriously injured on a dark and rainy night when she pulled out from a stop-sign believing the way to be clear. Unfortunately, a law enforcement officer was driving at night with his head lights off, and hit her as she entered the roadway.


Rear-End Collision

A local law enforcement officer in Spokane County, WA was injured when he was rear-ended by a heavy duty fire district pickup truck, traveling through Cheney.


Rear-End Collision

A university student in Chelan County, WA in was injured traveling Highway 97 toward Leavenworth when a truck traveling on behalf of a Colorado company rear-ended her.


Product Liability / Construction Site Injury

A construction site worker in Okanogan County, WA was injured when the lift that he was operating failed to work as expected, resulting in the lift’s falling over. Claims brought against the lift’s manufacturer and the leasing company for failure to provide a proper lift for the job.



A woman in Grant County, WA was seriously injured at a movie theater when the movie theater failed to utilize required safety measures for stairs.


Construction Site Injury

A construction site worker in Kittitas County, WA was injured when the general contractor at his worksite failed to protect him against a floor opening, as required by OSHA/WISHA regulations.

Appeals Victory

Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals Victory

A Richland man had his benefits terminated in 2014. After two years of hotly contested litigation, in which the Department of Labor & Industries claimed our client’s injuries were not due to his on the job injury, but instead a neurological condition, McPartland Law Offices prevailed. Our client was placed on the pension roles.


Motor Vehicle Collision With Loose Cattle

Our client was severely injured when cattle escaped from a commercial feedlot and one of them found its way into the road, in Eastern Washington. Liability was denied and hotly contested. Through litigation and the discovery process, our office was able to obtain an excellent result for our client at mediation, following litigation in federal court.


Motor Vehicle Collision & L&I Case

Assumed representation from another law firm that had dropped the ball and erroneously allowed client’s workers compensation case to close. The third party claim arrived with $ 6,000.00 in allowed medical expenses, a closed worker compensation claim and was largely dead in the water. Causation of also damages was disputed. Our office secured necessary forensic experts to establish the nature and extent of the client’s injuries and obtained policy limit settlements from the liability carrier and the underinsured motorist carrier. Client’s workers compensation claim was also reopened and necessary treatment continues to be made available.


Trip & Fall / Construction Injury

Client’s home sustained flooding damage. Cleaning crew opened up a hole in the floor and covered with cardboard. Client fell through and was seriously injured. Hotly contested liability and causation of injury and damages. A lawsuit was filed and the case resolved just before trial.


Trucking Collision

Semi-truck based out of Illinois caused a collision at an intersection with a Warden man. Hip surgery followed. Demand with Federal suit resulted in substantial settlement for our client.


Birth Injury to Child

Failure of healthcare workers resulted in serious and permanent injury to a newborn child. The injuries left the child unable to ever provide for itself and in need of life-long treatment and care. Forensic analysis revealed breaches in the standard of care by the mother’s healthcare providers likely contributed to this unfortunate outcome.


Highway 395 Crash

Traveling north from the Tri-Cities, Franklin County, Washington, our client was t-boned on the freeway by a company vehicle that spaced a stop-sign. Our client had many pre-existing conditions and the insurance carrier blamed those pre-existing conditions for the challenges in her life, until a lawsuit forced the carrier to better appreciate its exposure and its insured’s exposure to our client. The client was ultimately awarded a very satisfactory amount, at mediation.


Vehicle-Pedestrian Collision

Heading to a doctor’s appointment in Yakima, Yakima County, Washington, our client was hit by a vehicle that was backing up in a parking lot, resulting in serious injuries to her. The insurance company initially blamed her advanced age for her problems, before eventually tendering its full insurance policy limits. Additional successful claims were made under our client’s underinsured motorist coverage, resulting in a very happy client.