Child Injury Law

Our offices represent children harmed by the negligence, thoughtlessness and intentional acts of others. Kids are vulnerable and, unfortunately, can be harmed in many ways, including sports injuries, automobile and motor vehicle collisions, medical negligence, trucking crashes, daycare and camp injuries, sexual abuse, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) crashes, boating crashes, jet ski crashes, and swimming pool injuries.

McPartland Law Offices' mission is to help your family recover from the physical and emotional damage your child has suffered, by making the offending party pay for their irresponsible, risky and hazardous behavior.

How Are Kids Injured?

How Are Kids Injured?

Children are much more likely than adults to be injured from certain activities. Did you know that roughly fifty children are injured or killed every week in the United States as a result of vehicles backing up? Unlike most adults, many children (~45 million kids according to are entrusted to coaches to teach and train them how to properly execute moves and tactics on the football field or on the wrestling mat. Improper training of or by a coach can result in disastrous consequences for children. Children account for more than 70% of dog bite victims, and many serious or fatal dog bite incidents involving children below the age of 5 are related to newborn babies. Playground injuries result in some 200,000 children being sent to the emergency room every year in the United States. Of those 200,000 incidents, approximately almost half are classified as “severe” (bone fractures, internal injuries, concussions, etc.).

With numbers and situations like these, it is easy to understand how, every minute, a child in the United States can be significantly injured due to another person’s negligence or indifference. Although children can be resilient and show a remarkable ability to recover from injuries, many injuries are severe with little hope for a full recovery. Injuries like these can require lifelong care, by trained professionals. The expense of these trained professionals should be paid for by the person or persons who caused the harm.

Injured children require special attention. Resolving their claims and cases is completely different from reaching a resolution in an adult's case. It requires specific people be involved, as well as the Court. Failure in this regard can compromise the minor's settlement or even render it void.

McPartland Law Offices has experience representing injured children and navigating the complex legal landscape for them. We file lawsuits against those responsible, we aggressively fight for the injured child and their family, and we work hard to make our communities safer for our children. If your child has been injured, talk to McPartland Law Offices to understand your options.