Recruiting & Careers

McPartland Law Offices is always recruiting talented, hard working people, who can contribute to the continued growth and expansions of the firm. This includes attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, receptionists, and others. 

If you are interested in a position with our office, please send the following information:
1. Resume
2. References
3. A short video - thirty seconds in length, is fine - describing why you think you'd like to work for McPartland Law Offices and what you think you would bring to the table that is new and interesting. This is in lieu of a cover letter.
4. Writing Sample - A short, 1-2 page example is sufficient. If bilingual, please reproduce in the language you claim as your alternative, non-English language.
5. For Attorney Candidates with fewer than 5 years practice: Law School Transcript 

Once received and if we share your interest, you can anticipate receiving a short project, after which discussions about employment may commence.

We prize quality over quantity, in terms of personnel, and are looking for people who want to make a genuine career out of helping people. Consequently, although we'd love to hear from you, know that our hiring program can be slow. We are not for everyone.

Interested persons should communicate the requested information directly to Mr. McPartland at:

Part of the McPartland Law Offices Team at Its Annual Office Retreat